Hair Removal Brand Waksē Is Changing the Waxing Game

Home Waxing

With the current reality of COVID-19 and lockdown being a major part of our lives, it means that salons are closed and that we cannot get our regular hair-removal treatments outside – bummer.

And if you’ve tried waxing at home, you already know the difficulties of dealing with stubborn strip wax, wax tears, or wax that fail to pull any hair out… So, let me introduce you to your new elevated waxing routine that won’t disappoint.

Founded by Shayan Sadrolashrafi and Andrew Glass, Waksē is the first at-home waxing company to incorporate luxury, viral social media appeal, and wonderfully smelling wax to make a usually unpleasant experience a lot more desirable.

Waksē is a standout in the industry for its beautifully designed products, premium packaging, and focus on the user experience. The brand offers strip-less waxes in a variety of mesmerising colours and scents infused with essential oils.

Here’s how Waksē works

Pour a serving of the pretty beads into Waksē’s microwave-safe reusable melting pot on 30 to 60 second intervals. (If you already have a wax burner these beads can be melted in there too).

The beads are made of ingredients like cosmetic-grade resin, Matricaria flower oil, and aloe leaf juice – these beads will melt into a beautifully spreadable taffy-like consistency.

Make sure to spot test first to ensure the wax is not too hot and use Waksē’s spatula to smooth the substance over the desired body area in the direction of hair growth.

A few seconds later, you’ll notice the liquid will harden. Press down on the entire patch to ensure uniform removal, then hold the skin tight, grab an end, and quickly pull the wax against the direction of hair growth.

Waksē Tips

Wax application should typically be as thick as a banana peel. Apply with pressure to ensure firm edges for easy removal. If the wax hardens up in your melting pot during application, simply re-heat in 20 to 45 second intervals.

Aftercare Tips

Cleanse the skin after waxing to prevent ingrown hairs from forming or use their 100% Natural & Vegan H2O for the best post-wax result.

Product Highlights from Waksē include

Gold Hard Wax Beans

Enjoy a strip-less wax experience dripping in liquid gold. With calming essential oils scented like Pineapple, the Waksē gold hard wax beans are an exquisitely luxurious waxing experience.

Mint Chocolate

Cool down with this refreshing minty formula. Inspired by one of Waksē’s favourite desserts, this strip-less formula brings mint and chocolate together in one delectable formula.

Maracujá Orange (Pre Wax)

This refreshing pre-waxing spray preps the skin by naturally opening up pores, lifting hair follicles and gently cleansing the skin’s surface. Packed full of natural ingredients, this unique formula is perfect to use on the face and body.

Cactus H2O Serum (Post Wax)

A luxurious post-wax or shave serum that uses over twenty natural ingredients such as Cactus Flower Extract and Jojoba Seed Oil. Soothes the skin, calms inflammation and prevents in-grown hairs from forming. Your skin will be left feeling soft and smooth! Can be used on the face and body too.

Purchase Waksē at your local pharmacy, Smith & Caughey’s or shop at