PHformula resurfacing the better choice than a traditional peel

pHformula Resurfacing

Traditional skin peeling is an advanced facial treatment that typically uses either single or blends of acids that are formulated as liquids, gels or creams to varying ph and % strengths. When these formulations are applied to the skin, they act to create a controlled wounding of the skin, sometimes very deeply and sometimes at a more superficial level depending on the strength of the formulation applied. They act to break down the strong ‘bonds’ between the skin cells from the surface downwards, working ‘from the outside in’, ultimately creating a shedding or extensive peeling of the skin and this peeling will cause the body to respond by regenerating new tissue. This type of formulation will create heat when applied to the skin and will generally be neutralised before removal to stop the action of the acids. They can be tailored to have greater or lesser effect, but generally those that have more % of the active ingredients in them, at a lower pH, will bring about the most skin peeling.

Why might this type of peeling not always be so good? These treatments create a ‘forced exfoliation’ of the skin and will lead to some benefits, but the problem is that these acids are essentially burning away the protective layers of the skin, rendering the skin unable to protect itself properly and the deeper the peel the less able the skin is to carry out this vital function. This type of peel has a tendency to increase the skin’s vulnerability to damage from the external environment, in particular ultraviolet light exposure from the sun and environmental pollutants. They can also disrupt natural water and oil levels, adversely affecting what is known as the ‘natural moisturising factor’, which is essential for healthy skin repair and natural functioning, regeneration and shedding. So, over time traditional peels can lead to skin that is thinner giving it a shiny ‘plastic’ look, and makes skin less able to function properly and efficiently leading to increased sensitivities, redness and reactivity, blemishes, pigmentation issues, dryness and irritations.

So what makes the PHformula treatments different? PHformula is an advanced beauty facial treatment brought to you from the laboratories of Phformula in Spain. PHformula prides itself in being the first pharma-cosmeceutical, using synergistic blends of very specific grades of ingredients in a ‘unique PH-DVC™ bio-availability delivery complex’. It is this delivery system that makes all the difference. It allows for maximum strength formulations to be taken down into the skin very quickly, allowing them to work deeply and not so much at the surface, working rather ‘from the inside out’’ and not ‘the outside in’, as with traditional peels. This avoids over stimulation of sensory nerve endings at the skins surface, making treatment very comfortable to have and most importantly prevents extensive action at the skin’s surface. This deep, quick penetrative action avoids the negative side effects of traditional peeling and ensures that the skin benefits from both superficial and deeper treatment. A gentle surface action is achieved leading to softer, smoother, clearer and more vibrant skin, along with enhanced deeper regenerative and rebalancing actions that enable the skin to become healthier, stronger, younger and more rebalanced, reducing reactivity, blemishes, age spots and softening fine line and improving skin firmness.

The PHformula skin resurfacing formulations utilise the known and clinically-proven effects of hydroxy acids such as mandelic, salicylic, lactic, lactobionic, glycolic and pyruvic, with the added clinically-proven benefits of retinols, peptides, vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and trace elements. These ingredients are brought together in mild, intensive and medical level formulations, for specific skin needs, all of which will bring about changes to the skin’s behaviour and to its regenerative capacity.

Formulations are;

AGE for managing the changes that maturity brings. Improving lines, wrinkles, loose crepey skin, collagen volume and skin firmness, age spots, dryness and dullness.

AC for managing Acne and blemish prone skins. Reducing the occurrence of spots, blackheads, whiteheads or milia, clogged and congested pores, open pores, excess oil secretion and skin dullness.

CR for managing chronic redness. Improving sensitivity and reactivity, blotchy skin, redness, spider veins, swelling and inflammation, spots and pimples

MELA for managing pigmentation issues

To start stocking pHformula in your salon and see this sleek newly packaged pharmaceutical skincare on your shelves contact your local New Zealand pHforumla specialist, Antonia Chapman – [email protected] – 021 2551201