Nature’s brilliance combined with science’s brightest. From the success of Endota Spas Australia wide, Endota Organics™ has been developed using a combination of science’s brightest innovations and nature’s finest products. As a true love mark for Australian women, Endota was voted Best Australian Beauty Brand in 2018 and again in 2019.

The natural environment of the Mornington Peninsula has become the guiding inspiration for Endota. Expansive light, relaxing colours and the power of nature to heal is embedded in their range of products. Endota Organics™ is a highly researched and scientifically developed skincare range, formulated with native Australian ingredients, using the powerful indigenous Australian plant complex through the range. It offers nourishing, anti-oxidising, rejuvenating and moisturising benefits to the skin.

Endota uses a combination of;

  • Lemon Aspen
  • Lily Pilly
  • Davidson Plum

Endota Organics™ are also certified organic. The brand has been awarded both local ACO and international COSMOS certification for meeting both organic and natural standards.

Endota is available nationwide in selected Unichem and Life Pharmacies, Department stores, Independent Retailers and online at

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